Great wealth in a small territory

Volterra is a city of art that, like few others, can document with its monuments, three thousand years of history and still retains traces of its majestic past which gradually unfurls as you wander through the narrow streets and explore the Etruscan Museum, the Art Gallery, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Ecomuseum of Alabaster and the Viti Palace.

And yet Volterra’s charm not only lies in its historical patrimony but in the undefiled surrounding countryside, a slow traditional way of life and its ageold tradition of alabaster carving. This elusive stronghold requires careful and patient attention for it takes time to absorb its timeless atmosphere, treasured secrets, unique ambience and culture.

Around, in the Cecina Valley, you will found other important Museum: Museum of Geothermal Energy in Larderello and the Mining Museum in Montecatini Val di Cecina.

Come to Volterra from the Agriturismo of San Maurizio